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Yellow Star Sample Set

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This sample set is great to pair with the PlayWisely Parent Guide! The Yellow Star Set provides an introduction to our innovative Cognitive Card System.

The Yellow Star Sample cards introduce your child to the cognitive card system:

  • Attention- PlayWisely incorporates visual field navigation skills to enhance attention ability. Your child’s attention deepens as he/she is able to keep his/her mind focused on following the star while suppressing the increasingly complex backgrounds.
  • Recognition- PlayWisely uses unambiguous images, basic attributes, labeling and motion to enhance recognition skills. Your child is able to link the form, color and facial features to ‘yellow star’ and that ‘yellow star’ is the same from card to card letting him/her know this is a game to play! The cards following the ‘Find-It’ game use basic attributes to show different ways to recognize ‘yellow star’ while practicing essential school readiness skills
  • Memory- The neurobiological sciences say it is the intensity and repetition of experience that creates memory. PlayWisely’s innovative Cognitive Card sets are designed to make repetition of basic learning concepts both quick and fun!
  • Language- The ability to communicate is what allows your child to learn effectively, share thoughts, and express ideas and emotions. PlayWisely’s Cognitive Card sets help your child practice early communication skills. Be looking for these fun early language skills to develop:
* 4-8 months: eye lock *18-24 months: pointing + saying, “hi” or “star” *6-12 months: palming *24-36 months: pointing + saying, “yellow star” *12-18 months: pointing *36-42 months: alternate hands + saying, “hi, yellow star”

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19 Cards; Ages 4 months - 4 years old!